Monday, March 25, 2013

The 'Net Really Does Make Your Life Easier

If you're like me (and you probably are because as far as I can tell, I'm the only person who reads this) you are occasionally enraged by things that Donald Trump says. You wish you could argue with, and insult, him. Also, you might have the same reaction about Michelle (Japanese internment camps were great and totally justified) Malkin. You wish you could take them both down a few pegs but who has the time?

Well good news! They're taking up the slack for you.

Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin says Donald Trump is a “clown” and a “coward.” Trump says Malkin is a “dummy” and was “born stupid.”
The pair engaged in a back-and-forth Twitter war, kicking off with Malkin writing to her followers Thursday night that Trump supports the pro-eminent domain Supreme Court case Kelo v. New London, “cheered socialized medicine, smeared ‘my past’ & called me a dummy. #phony.” She also tweeted, “Still waiting for coward @realDonaldTrump to tell me what in my ‘past’ I should be ashamed of. #SmearMerchant.”
Trump responded on Friday, tweeting to Malkin, “at least dummy is true!” and “you were born stupid!”
If I'm choosing sides I'm on Team Malkin, who has never lost money on an Atlantic City casino or been bested by Merv Griffin in a real estate deal. But really why take sides? I finally found something from both camps that I can agree with.


LisiGirl said...

I would have to be on Trump's side. I look at Malkin as a traitor to women.

Daniel Krause said...

Let's agree to disagree - agree with each other, disagree with both of them.

LisiGirl said...

Agreed! :)