Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why Yes, It Has Been A While

Ages since I've written, eh? Been busy. Had a birthday, got accepted into a play (I'm a Forest Ranger in  weirdo musical gem Little Mary Sunshine, coming in April to a theatre near me!) and perhaps most importantly, have been ground down by politics again.

It seems like everything I can say about politics is best left to twitter, because the 140 character limit nicely encapsulates "No, YOU'RE wrong."  I'm only half kidding. It's clear that nothing I do will change things, and the electorate is moving back to the middle where the founding fathers wanted it.

Also, this blog ain't bumping up the ol' Klout score, if you know what I mean. Who reads blogs? Ain't nobody, that's who. So if I'm writing here it's not because you are going to read it. Clearly, you will not. I'm writing to keep my thoughts someplace.

This is a version of an entry that I do every six months, and usually within a week I'm back to posting blog entries regular like. So, take heart or be disheartened, depending on how you lean.

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