Sunday, May 27, 2007

6000 Years At The Museum

Click on the title and you'll get a tour, via Reuters, of the new Creation Museum in Kentucky. It's like many natural history museums, only it explains how all species on earth were present on Noah's Ark, including dinosaurs.

"What we've done here is to give people an opportunity to hear information that is not readily available ... to challenge them that really you can believe the Bible's history," said Ken Ham, president of the group Answers in Genesis that founded the museum.

Here exhibits show the Grand Canyon took just days to form during Noah's flood, dinosaurs coexisted with humans and had a place on Noah's Ark, and Cain married his sister to people the earth, among other Biblical wonders.

Man, the graffiti in that place is gonna be MAGNIFICENT.

Read the article and ask your creationist friend how many of those premises they're buying into.


WAMK said...

Nice place you have here, Piker.

Thanks for providing me with the address. It's nice to finally get to comment on one of your posts, instead of the other way around.

First off, let me say that I am not a religious man. Spiritual, yes, but not a go-to-church kinda guy.

One thing I have learned as I get older is that there is so much I don't know. I read alot, try to expose myself to different ways of thinking, and try to keep an open mind.

My brother gave me a book for my birthday. It's about evolution and creation. While I remain a "show me" type of guy, the book raises some interesting points based on scientific facts about the argument between creation and evolution.

One thing that lept off the pages to me was how science viewed some things prior to Louis Pasteur. The leading scientific minds of the time prior to Pasteur felt that mice were spontaneously generated from dirty clothes, fruit flies came from rotting fruit, etc. I'm talking guys like Galileo believed these things to be true.

Of course now we know those "facts" to be ridiculous. Mice like dirty clothes to nest in, fruit flies are drawn to rotting fruit, and the World isn't flat. Hindsight is 20/20.

My point here is that things change as we learn more, and as things are revealed to us. It doesn't mean that evolutionists are heathens, and it doesn't mean creationist are "jerkoffs" (as someone I know has stated).

Maybe someday, we will find out how the Earth and all it;s creatures came into being. Maybe not.

I'll ask you a question to you, in a different way that you once asked me.

You commented on why we on the Right were so fixated on Air America Radio, what with ot being such a small player in the radio world.

Since evolution is taught in every public school, why are the evolutionists worried about one little privately funded wuseum in Ohio?

Danielk said...

Thanks for droppin' by... have some Chex mix.

It's true that science is often wrong about things, but your argument is saying that since they may be wrong now we should revert to things we proved wrong a hundred years ago and believe them. It's like busting out the devining rods because your weatherman was wrong.

Incidentally, I hope that you detected the high self-parody content in that "jerkoffs" remark. Ahem.

As for Air America - people can choose to listen to it or ignore it, a luxury that science students aren't afforded.