Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Adwords - Does It Make Adsense?

I just bought a Google AdWords ad. For a maximum of $50 bucks a month I'm advertising BOX OFFICE WEEKLY, my showbiz podcast. It's not throwing money away either - I'm attempting to draw people to the site in hopes that they'll click on the banners, which are essentially other Google AdWords. Someone is going to make money in all this, and I think at least one of them is named Sergey.

There is no way on God's green Earth that I'll ever receive enough clicks to max out the $50 bucks. Worst case scenario is someone will start a click-war with me and start clicking on my ad just to sabotage me and force the limit, but those scenarios are disputable and I think I read in Wired that Google caves most of the time.

Cameron Reilly, the good-lookin' Australian who runs the Podcast Network, has frequently chided me for my poor podcast numbers. It's a compliment really - he thinks the show is good enough that I should have more listeners. He's right of course. If I were smart I'd overcome my shyness and aggressively pursue interviews with people more famous than myself. Whether you like a show or not, you may be interested in the guy they're talking to ON the show.

Which reminds me - on this week's show I fulfilled a long-held evil plan and put in a story about Halo 3. I've had an eye out for Halo stories ever since I noticed that I get more search-engine hits for the phrase "Halo" than anything else. All because I wrote ONE STORY about the cancelled Halo movie in October. Them Halo people is nuts! Anyway, in a few days I'll see that that serendipity has panned out. The story, by the way, is that they're releasing an early beta of a portion of the online battle segment of the game, to make y'all salivate for the late fall release of the complete beta. That oughtta sell a few X-Boxes!

If you see the adSense box, click on it. I can afford it.


cameronreilly said...

Chide? I never chide. I'm not the chiding sort. Don't chide. Never had chided. Never will chide.

BTW, not sure if you knew, but I had had an adwords campaign running on BOW for six months until just recently. Hope you do better than I did. Let's talk about strategy.

skot said...

Here: I'll lend a hand.

Adwords may give your podcast a HALO effect that might throw a rosy HALO over your search stats, especially for that HALO of gamers out there looking for HALO 3, HALO 2 or the original HALO content.



p.s. say HALO to your wife for me.