Friday, May 04, 2007

Startling New Health Theory!

Caught a nasty head cold yesterday - sore throat, congestion, fever, and malaise. I even took the day off work. A SICK day! During which I actually was SICK!

There has been this pattern throughout my life - I stop exercizing regularly, then I start up again, and soon I become ill. When I get better I resume exercizing with no ill effect, except of course disappointment that I don't have a body like Mel Gibson. For years I've concluded that the resumption of activity has somehow awakened dormant toxins. The increased blood flow scoops them out and sends them to the rest of my system.

So I caught up on a couple of TIVO'd episodes of HOUSE, which led me to think differently about this conundrum. I had a psychiatrist appointment (by the way, I'm officially not depressive until further notice! Woo hoo!) and I was bitching in the waiting room about my cold, and another crazy person told me there was a lot of it going around, because of the crazy weather we've been having. The psychiatrist said the same.

So here's what I'm thinking - exercize doesn't cause the colds. The weather changes cause me to think, "I should be exercizing" and that coincides with my colds. Makes sense. Commercial televsion spurs logical thought! Who'd have seen THAT coming?

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