Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gadget Lust Update

I wound up buying both of them. The coffee maker works fine once I cleaned it very, very thoroughly and swiped a filter basket from the floor model. Freshly ground coffee: slightly more delicious than its pre-ground cousin, but that smell of beans - fantastic. My life is better.

The iMac is sleek, fast and just thinking about it is giving me little shivers of pleasure. I installed Windows 7 last night just for kicks, and it runs like a champ, so far doing all those cool graphic tricks that Vista is famous for without the annoying security popups. The only thing I haven't been able to manage yet is installing my all-in-one fax/printer, on either system. That's gonna take some tech support calls. Well, I love meeting foreigners.

Is it irresponsible to be spending like a sailor when the economy is sinking like a stone? Whatever, I got the cash this month. Or rather, I had it until this week. I'll recoup some when I sell off the old iMac. The rest, maybe I'll sell coffee and processor time.

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