Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Real Americans Love Gridlock

The talk on the hill is that most Republicans are going to take Rush Limbaugh's advice and oppose the latest stimulus package. Is it the best thing for the country? Whatever. The important thing is if it works, then Obama doesn't fail. And a successful Obama presidency is, by Limbaughian definition, bad for America. A worldwide economic depression, on the other hand: Good for America.

The thing that is bothersome about this... well actually there is little that isn't bothersome about it. But here's what's annoying to me. Republicans are opposing this plan and claiming that their input is being ignored, but they aren't offering alternatives. More tax cuts will save us! is the best they can cough up. We've had quite a few of them leading up to the meltdown. I'm not saying they caused it, but tax cuts haven't done anything to prevent it either. Similarly more deregulation isn't going to be any help. Not enforcing the financial regulations appears to be exactly what got us into this mess.

Why do they think this will help their brand? Digging their heels AND burying their heads in the sand at the same time, the Republican leadership is basically doing everything it can to keep out of power for another few years. And that, by my definition, is GOOD for America

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