Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Signs That the Honeymoon is Already Over

Resolution Congratulating Obama Rejected in Committee

By Mark Carter 1/28/2009 11:00:01 AM

A resolution congratulating President Obama on his election was killed in the House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs on Wednesday.

These kinds of resolutions are considered standard operating procedure. But hey, whatever. You can't mandate good sportsmanship.

*update* See comments for more on this shocking bill!


wamk said...

You can't mandate intellectual honesty, either.

In case you didn't actually READ the article, it was shot down because of how it was worded:

"Opposition led by Rep. Dan Greenburg, R-Little Rock, and Rep. Ed Garner, R-Maumelle, centered around laguage in the resolution that described the United States as a nation founded by slaveowners. Greenburg and Garner wanted the language stricken or amended, noting that not every founding father was a slaveowner."

Why did you write the post the way you did, Piker?

Danielk said...
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wamk said...

What did Obama say about "childish behaviors"?

Danielk said...

I saw you doing it and it seemed like it might be fun. Malkin does it all the time, and she's havin' a ball!

I like Wonkette's observation - "Questions of historical accuracy aside, how is this language “potentially divisive” today? It might piss off the slaveowner lobby?"

If that language is stricken, I wonder if something else will come up to prevent the passing of this otherwise innocuous bill? Only time will tell.

Danielk said...

Sorry, I revised there.

It's good to see you objecting to this kind of behavior. Having flirted with it, I'll go back to my more honest mode.

wamk said...

Yet the original post remains the same..

And one of my comments has disappeared.

Danielk said...

Deleted by mistake, now back:

Why would something else prevent it, if that is what those that opposed it offered that as the explanation?

Why do you think it was rejected?

Genuinely sincere apologies for that one.

As for the original post, I'll leave it to the comments section to dispute that.

Publius said...

Good story to show how Democrats hate America. I like it.

Danielk said...

Strictly speaking, it shows that modern democrats are against slave-owning and are glad we don't do that now, hence the congratulations. But maybe you guys are right - to love America we have to love everything about it. If you vocally hate something about America, then you are anti-American. Could that be right?

Publius said...

"Strictly speaking, it shows that modern democrats are against slave-owning and are glad we don't do that now..."

No, what it shows is that modern Democrats want to take the properly negative connotation about slavery and smear ALL the Founders with that brush. This, in turn, proves that Democrats are both historically illiterate and hate ALL the founders equally.