Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Since I'm pretty depressed about the way the Senate version of the health care bill is shaping up, I'm going to write about something else. I will say that normally, I consider congress the idiots and senate the smart ones, so this is doubly depressing. Because now, it's clear Obama IS the one - the only man in Washington with brains.


Guy robs a bank, then mails the money back. Now that's a little passive-aggressive, dontcha think?

Roy Disney dies. I am almost prepared to forgive him for The Black Hole. Get back to me in a few years.

I have been cast as "Smith" in the West Valley Playhouse's production of Agatha Christie's Murder On The Nile. Any day spent above ground is a good day; but if I'm using my British accent it's even better. We go on at the end of January.

Dog without hind legs walks erect! Can human/animal hybrids be far behind?

Costco removes tomatoes from the shelves for Sara Palin visit. Considering recent spikes in the sales of rock salt and teabags, I think Costco missed a splendid marketing opportunity.


Double Standard said...

You are upset that an elected official wanted to make sure the voting body knew what was in the legislation they would be voting on? I thought after what happened with the Patriot Act, you would appreciate a Senator looking out for the people.

Did you know that it took 17 minutes to read just the Table of Contents?

Danielk said...

No, that doesn't upset me at all. I don't like the way the Democrats are watering down the bill. As far as I'm concerned, they should have let the guy read the whole thing while the rest of them were out rewriting to make it work.

Publius said...

Thanks for the giggle for the day. On an otherwise bleak day of repeated government sloth, failure, and a destructive assumption that Washington should be both our Mommie and daddy, I found your assertion that Obama was the "only one with brains" refreshingly funny for its naiveté and it's outright fantastical nature.

Dick Durbin said...

By the way, has anyone even been able to read the bill that Reid crafted in private?

I haven't.

Danielk said...

Reid crafted his own bill? I haven't heard about this.

Say, was this reported by that guy on The Weekly Stardard by any chance?

Publius said...

"Reid crafted his own bill?"

Yep, it would be hard to hear about anyone writing the healthcare bill. It's because it hasn't been written by anyone! Your Senate leader is trying to force a vote on a bill that doesn't even exist!