Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Not Knowing Who To Root For

The news cycles have of late been tossing around Tiger Woods' personal life and Harry Reid's unfortunate allusion to slavery in a speech. I have little interest in Tiger Woods, though my friend A. is a writer for the Enquirer and he's spending an awful lot of time in Vegas this month. You want to know about it, check out his blog. Right, he doesn't have one.

Reid though, that's interesting. He's usually such a milquetoasty little man that the notion that he would say something offensive seems surreal. And make no mistake, he did go too far. At least he didn't invoke the Nazis, people! Still, if you'd asked me about this last night, I'd have said that you can feign outrage about it all you want, but Harry Reid will never back down! And then I'd have laughed that sad, bitter laugh I reserve for all occasions when Democrats wimp out about stuff, because getting Harry Reid to apologize is easy like Sunday morning. It's easy as pie. It's easier than Paris Hilton.

And yet he still hasn't apologized. What's up here? Is he busy? Are the microphones at his press conference area being worked on?

Probably he's aware that the Republican Level Of Outrage will not be lowered by an apology. I offer this reminder:

(Thanks to the IT guys at work, who decided to enable YouTube viewing in my office. So this is what the 22nd century looks like!)

Increasingly it looks like Democrats, knowing they have little to lose by baiting the right, are goin' for it. Fine with me. I bet it raises their poll numbers.


Root for TRUTH, if u don't know said...

"The news cycles have of late been tossing around Tiger Woods' personal life and Harry Reid's unfortunate allusion to slavery..."

Wow, are you watching FOX news now? Or surfing over at Drudge these days?

Cause as far as I can tell, the Obama-Mania Media (that means other than FOX) hasn't spent more than 2.67 seconds on Reid's 'unfortunate allusion', while they can't stop writing about Tiger.

Since you are such a huge whistle-blower of those who commit racism, isn't this a clear-cut situation of racism, Daniel?

They let Reid get a free, clear hall-pass on his 'unfortunate allusion' comment, however, they are HOUNDING Tiger and his family, clearly because he's black, right?

Danielk said...

I don't know if the MSM is covering it. I'm getting this news from the liberal blogs I read. The consensus there seems to be the analogy went too far, but the right-wing response is hilarious.

By the way, how can you guys keep claiming that Fox News is the number one news network (it is) and yet not part of the mainstream media? How exactly do you define "mainstream?"

Rupert said...

FOX News:

"We report - YOU decide."

Wow. What a concept.

As opposed to MSDNC deciding FOR us what we need to see / hear.

Publius said...

I'll tell you why Reid isn't apologizing. He sees no reason to apologize. The Old Media (what he pays attention to) loved him for it and are not publishing stories about the outrage. So, Harry sees no pressure and thinks he did just fine.

Compare this with the treatment that Trent Lott received at the hands of the same Old Media. All Lott said was that some old guy that was a public figure was a great guy and the Old Media went wild reporting on how Lott was saying he loved the KKK or something absurd -- which he DID not say!

The stories about how eeeeevil Lott was went on hour after hour after day until the pressure on Lott was tremendous. Then, like a fool, he apologized AND left his leadership post.

But Reid? He sees no pressure and thinks his comment was perfectly OK.

But, that is because he said what every lefty and every Old Media figure truly thinks. They see no reason to get all upset. And why would they all care if Republicans are outraged? They want the GOP destroyed and hate them, they think the GOP WAS the party of slavery (because, like all lefties, they know nothing of history). Hence, no apology.

Yep, hence, no apology.

Danielk said...

I think the lack of coverage - there is some but not as much as you'd like - is due to this outrage overload I talked about last year. You guys will get furious at the drop of a hat. Someone says something you're offended by and you prove it by saying the same thing ten times louder.

Any good parent eventually learns to just ignore the tantrums.

Publius said...

Hilarious that you assume YOU guys DON'T have kneejerk faux outrage when I gave you a perfectly good example in my reply! There is NO shortage of outrage on either side, truth be told. Only a partisan hack with no interest in truth would say other wise, DanielOlbermann.

Your Testicles said...

You have kids, and therefore are an expert in tantrums and parenting?

Your Barber said...

I should be the one showing outrage.

Danielk said...

"Barber?" How quaint! Good thing the frame wasn't wider... my bootblack would have been furious as well.

As for you testicles, I'm not listening. You guys have gotten me into enough trouble.