Saturday, December 19, 2009

When Will Harry Reid Unveil His Secret Health Care Bill?

Couple of hours ago, as it turns out.

The plus is that it's a filibuster-proof bill; that is as long as next week Lieberman doesn't get into an argument with this week Lieberman. The minus, of course, is that it sucks. It's a huge huge bill that makes what appear to be almost no changes to the current law.

There could be a hidden advantage here - when November comes along the Democrats can campaign on the meme that they had lots of CBO-approved plans to keep prices down but Republicans kept shooting them down because REPUBLICANS ARE IN THE POCKETS OF BIG INSURANCE. I don't know if Dems will use it, or if the voters will buy it, but there it is. Someone made this bill suck, and the Republicans were especially out front about stopping it from not sucking.

Can't wait for the vote! Then, I can't wait for the reconciliation!

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