Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh For Heaven's Sake, Just Admit It's Because He's Black

It's more funny than sad. But it's still sad. But it's pretty funny.

Look, there's gotta be a reason why bipartisanship isn't working - I'm putting a little money on the R word.

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Publius said...

"Look, there's gotta be a reason why bipartisanship isn't working..."

Yes. There is a reason. Obama hasn't tried it. Ever. In his whole life. Not once.

So, the letter of the word you are looking for isn't "r" it's "l." As in liar.

Danielk said...

If only he had allowed there to be some tax cuts in the stimulus bill! If only he had met with Republicans in a public forum and taken their questions! If only he had held over some Republicans from the previous administration!

Publius said...

Thought so. Like a true leftist, the "show" is all you care about. Truth is, Obama has done NONE of the right's things. There've been no tax cuts. His "public forum" was meaningless because he never intended to use any GOP ideas. Furthermore, he's been there a year and only NOW he wants to "listen" to the GOP's ideas? And, um WHY would that be? Can we say "electoral losses"? He's suddenly willing to "listen" because his party is taking a pummeling at the ballot box (New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts). And even as HE says he wants to "listen" his entire party stands behind him saying no, we want only our own stuff and nothing from the GOP. So... like I said. Obama is a liar. He's for the big show, the false front, the fake "listening" game. He's following the Alinsky rules for radicals to a "T." It's all lies. The guy is quickly surpassing Carter as the single worst president in modern history.

Danielk said...

"There've been no tax cuts."

I think I'll just leave it at that.