Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where's Your Deliverer Now?

(Title quote courtesy of Edward G. Robinson, The Ten Commandments. Probably inaccurate)

Scott Brown is no longer the man who saved the Republican party. Now he's a traitorous bastard!

Yeah! Way to double cross millions! Plus let me remind you, he still hasn't killed that communist health care plan in Massachusettes!

I warned you guys!


Publius said...

Come on. Who didn't think he'd vote with the Dems once in a while? He IS from the people's republic of Massachusetts after all.

Danielk said...

Who didn't think? At least 3000 of the people who befriended him on Facebook, and a LOT of people who befriended his daughter.

Publius said...

And most of them don't live in his district and can't vote for him. So who cares what they think?

Danielk said...

I said that all the time about Sarah Palin fans.