Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Snow! It Proves Everything!

So briefly before I drive to work in the rain, let me ask the conservatives something that they won't answer. It's really really cold this week. It's snowing so bad in Washington that they closed the government buildings. Most commentators are taking the opportunity to claim that this proves that there's no such thing as global warming.

However, isn't it possible that the steps people have taken for the last 50 years has had an effect? That banning CFCs (for example) has allowed the greenhouse heat to escape, and make it really really cold all the time? And that this is therefore a reason to stop all attempts to curb all Gorean policies before we're plunged into a permanent ice age?


Google said...

When did the ban on CFC's begin? 50 years ago? Might want to check your "facts" there.

I wonder if "fixing" the hole is helping to increase the temps of the Globe. I wonder what Fox News sponsored National Geographic found out.

It's almost as if the planet somehow regulates itself, way back when, and even today.

Danielk said...

The planet may regulate itself, my little search engine, but the planet doesn't care about what its adjustments cost US. We move a bunch of farms, we have higher heating and cooling bills, there are droughts and floods... planet is fine with that.

For you and me, it's a little expensive. One of your server farms could be ruined, Google! Think of it!