Thursday, May 20, 2010

Balance Of Power

Here's the historical summary: Arizona passes law perceived by most to be racial profiling, Los Angeles County threatens to boycott all Arizona-owned businesses. Arizona then threatens to stop selling power to Los Angeles. Okay, you're up to date now, which will help you enjoy this:

General Manager's Statement Regarding LADWP Power Generation Assets in Arizona

"I want to make clear that we support the City position regarding the recent law enacted in Arizona and the resolution adopted by the Los Angeles City Council.

On any given day, we receive 20 – 25% of our power from two power plants located in Arizona: Navajo, a coal-fired plant, and Palo Verde, a nuclear plant.

We are part owner of both power plants, which are generating assets of the Department. As such, nothing in the City’s resolution is inconsistent with our continuing to receive power from those LADWP-owned assets.

I might add that, as the City’s Job Czar, I certainly would welcome any conventions or meetings that were going to be held in Arizona to come to Los Angeles. We have fantastic facilities and incomparable weather and we’d welcome them to the City of Angels."

- Austin Beutner, General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Of course now, if we want to go through with this foolishness the next step is to build new power plants in OUR desert and shut down the AZ ones. Naturally, no one has any intention of the kind. This whole thing is a fun debate to focus our attention on a kind of obscure state's rights issue.

I'm kind of okay with Arizona demanding that everyone carry papers. If you don't like it, move to an adjacent state. If you do like it, move in to replace the ones who moved out. Then Arizona would be populated with people who... well, who looked unlike illegal immigrants and terrorists, to put it delicately. And isn't the the right that real Americans are fighting for? The right to avoid non-caucasions.

By the way, for the record I've lived in Arizona and I prefer California.

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