Monday, May 03, 2010

Demand Racial Profiling Now! ***Update***

My friend Warner Todd Huston writes this in his blog yesterday:

I won’t go much into the failed car bomb that could have killed hundreds in times Square, New York last night. I have no new insight into the incident itself but it is obviously the work of al Qaeda-like terrorists.
I managed to keep out of the news cycle all weekend but this bomb scare has made it all the way to this morning, so it must have been big. And indeed the New York Times/WaPo talk in the streets suggests there was an Islamic threat.
The Taliban in Pakistan claimed responsibility in a video posted on YouTube. Kelly and federal investigators said no evidence had surfaced linking the group to the bomb.

A monitoring group reported a second video from the Pakistani Taliban – apparently dated early April – of their leader promising an attack on major U.S. cities "in some days or a month."

IntelCenter, which keeps track of militant media messages, said today in Islamabad that the nearly nine-minute video appears credible.
But they also say this:
Investigators poring over hundreds of hours of surveillance video identified a man Kelly described as white and in his 40s, who appeared to be acting suspiciously.
Given the "amateurish" nature of the failed attempt, one could conclude that the Taliban wasn't behind it at all. They're pretty well organized. More likely I think, this is another crazy local guy who believes everything that Glenn Beck says. If it makes you feel better, he could be a Democrat but I bet he's not affiliated with ANYONE. Like the Democrat who flew an airplane into a Texas IRS building. Or the Democrat who shot up that place with those people. If he didn't have a long beard, he ain't Taliban.

They've got video so it may not be long before they catch this guy. I can't wait to hear more.

***Update*** What I'm hearing is that God only knows who the hell tried this.


Publius said...

Heh, I knew you'd like that one. But, one question.... you see the Taliban as "professional"???

Danielk said...

If they aren't, what kind of threat are they? Plus, they're pretty well financed.

Publius said...

Huffington Post is well financed, too. I'd not call them "professional."