Wednesday, May 05, 2010

They May Have Been Wrong About All The Torture, and the Degregulation

Turns out the incompetent car-bomber was Muslim, probably related to a terrorist organization. Surprisingly cheerful lookin' fellah too! I don't know what to make of that. A lot of people say that the motivation was to punish Viacom for that South Park episode, but... well, I'm not going to try to climb inside the guy's mind but Comedy Central's offices are also in New York, and Viacom famously scrubbed the episode of all references to the prophet. Why not set up your pathetic non-bomb across town instead? No parking?

Anyway by all accounts Faisal Shahzad is singing like a canary, despite being read his Miranda Rights and no torture. All torture could add in this case is conferring martyrdom on a sad, confused individual. Whom we would then have to hold indefinitely because we could not effectively prosecute an American citizen who hadn't been read his rights.

Meanwhile even Sara Palin says don't trust the oil companies, via twitter:
Gulf: learn from Alaska's lesson w/foreign oil co's: don't naively trust- VERIFY. Livelihood affected by spill?Don't sign away remedy rights
Some might say that a way to streamline the individual negotiations among landowners and oil companies might be, I dunno, regulation by the government. 

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