Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil Well That Ends

By some reckoning BP's "top kill" plan to plug the oil leak in the gulf is a success; by others not so much. I'm not one to play the blame game (of course I am, but let's say I'm not relentless about it) but I have to wonder about all the pundits who are saying that the Obama administration hasn't done enough and didn't act soon enough to avert this crisis.

What exactly would they have done that these people approve of?

This well is, after all, the private property of BP so it's not like the government should have seized it from them. That would be socialism. Any attempt the government would have made outside of BP's own would be spending our tax dollars to stop something that isn't even a problem to begin with. And they can't say that Obama should have regulated the way the oil was drilled, or even that Obama should have forbade them to drill in the first place. Though, blame game aside, I'm pretty sure this one was approved before Mr. O came to office.

In fact, an attempt to even publically criticize BP for the way they're handling the oil spill would be the White House unfairly censoring BP.

So, when that talking point is trotted out, let's have a little constructive alternatives suggested, shall we? Otherwise, one may think they're not being serious.


Mary Landrieu and James Carville said...

Are we "pundits"?

Danielk said...

Point taken you two, there have been criticisms from the left as well... I suppose it just shocks me to think that people like GWK are more satisfied with the Obama administration's handling than you guys are! I mean, as far as GWK is concerned it's probably been a textbook example of how to handle a crisis like this.

I hope he weighs in on this some time - I'd be interested to hear.

Who is GWK? said...

Why do you think people like Landrieu and Carville are being critical? Is it only people from the Right that can see Obama has handled this poorly?

If this "Top Kill" strategy works on Day 30, why wasn't it tried on Day 21? Day 7?

Danielk said...

Okay then, we're in agreement. It's too dangerous to drill offshore and the government shouldn't approve the contracts in the first place.

Orrrrr, we need to regulate the hell out of those guys. Logged and noted.

How many platforms drill without an accident? said...

Is there an industry that is more regulated than the drilling industry?

We are in agreement.

We shouldn't be drilling offshore in mile-deep water, we should be drilling in ANWR, on solid ground.

If there was an accident up there, it wouldn't be affecting the livlihood of the Gulf Coast, and all the animals there.

Glad to hear that you favor moving our offshore operations up North.

Danielk said...

I don't think we need to risk ANWR either; we need to put more money into R&D for new energy sources as we use up the oil supply that we've already found. And allow the price of oil to rise as it becomes scarcer.

And tax the hell out of it.