Friday, October 08, 2010

I Don't Care Who Does It, I Don't Like Lying In Political Ads

The people at chase down a lie, this one by Democrats.

And now, there’s a new twist on the false tax attack in the Massachusetts’ gubernatorial campaign. A labor-financed political committee accuses Republican Charlie Baker of "favoring tax loopholes that encourage corporations to ship our jobs overseas" and signing "a pledge to protect those loopholes." However, the pledge for gubernatorial candidates — a single sentence promising to oppose or veto any new state taxes — is different than the one for federal candidates, so the attack on Baker makes even less sense.
I'm glad the Annenberg Center is doing this kind of work, because most people (like it or not) get their political information from TV. A well-informed electorate is a better electorate, whatever an electorate is. I hope that Chris Murphy is desperate and not just lazy, because that would be unforgiveable. If he's desperate, it's merely dishonorable. Either way knock it off dude.

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