Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More About Paul Snover

For fans of his billboard, from the official Paul Snover Website.

I love to draw, write and be creative in general. My style tends toward the humorous, casual, coloristic side.

A full life of travel and experiences has developed me into the artist I am today.

I Have 30+ years of creative knowledge and offer a variety of skill-sets. I can assure you I have the ability, experience and determination to meet your cutting-edge creative requirements.
Humorous AND coloristic? Sign me up Snover!

"Looks good ... I like your cartoons." Zac

"Very, very nice. had no idea that you were so talented!" Susanne

"I enjoyed viewing your well done website. You are a talented guy! " Dick

"I think you are doing a great job! I have used your site more than any other at this point to stay informed on what goes on in the GJ area. All I could say to you is keep up the great work." Kelly W.

" Wellup........I'm impressed! Do you setup websites? As far as your website goes........SUPER DUPER!!!!! Bright, well done and user friendly." Joyce
Why so formal, Kelly? And Suzanne - bet she's a relative! I'm glad I could paste Joyce's comment here; on the site its dark blue on dark grey, and it's a little hard to read. Just sayin'.

Sorry everybody, but I have to make fun of this guy - he's just become the leader of the Republican Party!

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