Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trying Too Hard

Art for a billboard in Grand Junction, CO.

How many hours of the day do these characters hold these choice expressions, do you think?

Though they toned it way down once it made it up to the billboard itself;

Sky News

See? No crescent moon armband! Probably squelched by the lamestream media!

I'm guessing the Democratic candidates in Colorado must be pretty mild, because this guy (Paul Snover) doesn't have any scary ethnic stereotypes to depict them as. They must be - OMG, I just noticed the rat on the right side is labeled "TRIAL LAWYERS"! This is a fatal blow to the Democrats! Jesus, how can they defend themselves against this kind of onslaught?

If only Snover had stopped at ONE rhetorical point, they'd have a chance. Now, clearly, no Democrats will ever be elected again. Curse you for pulling out all the stops!

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