Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Threats of Crushing

Christine O’Donnell went on a local conservative radio show yesterday to talk about her campaign. After finishing this interview, that campaign told the radio station it would “crush” it if it didn’t turn over the videotape of what transpired, though it’s kind of hard to destroy an interview that was broadcast live on the air and online, so now the campaign is apologizing and now says it doesn’t need to kill anyone to get these tapes, thank you.
Here's a little advice for Tea Party candidates: if you don't want to be asked questions in public, and you don't want people to approach you in public, and you deride people who work in Government, maybe you shouldn't run for public office.

Maybe your true calling is as a masked avenger of some kind; Christine O'Donnell by day, TEA LADY by night! Drivin' around in her TeaMobile, storing weapons in her constitution belt, dispensing completely lawful justice somehow. Or maybe just deciding that some guy on the street is an illegal alien and neutralizing him. I mean, come on, you can just tell by looking at 'em.

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