Friday, January 21, 2011

Flu Away Home

What's been keeping me away this week, you're askin'. I'll tell you bucky. I was whacked with the flu last weekend, running a 100-degree-plus fever. The fever has subsided, and I've been crawling back to normalcy since Tuesday. My energy level is almost normal again, the aches have subsided, and the cough has gone from a dry scratch to a disgusiting phlemmy rattle.

Anyway, under a seige like this who has the energy for politics? Especially Noh theatre politics like this week. Republicans, who promised to repeal health care to people who don't understand what it is have made their grand empty gesture and will next have to explain that they really tried but didn't see the senate refusal to ratify the vote coming. Nor would they have conceived that Obama might veto such a repeal were it to reach him.They were blindsided! In the process they can demonize (hint that assasination would be a solution) Harry Reid and Obama, THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE WHO WANT HEALTH CARE. They're holding you hostage, America! Meanwhile, OBAMA RAISED insurance rates!

I'm a little worked up! Better lay back for a while.

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