Thursday, January 27, 2011

Speaking of Wacky Video

Watch this with the sound muted. Notice how Bachmann is speaking not to the camera, but to a point somewhere to the right of it? The real message here is "what I'm saying doesn't matter, what matters is I'm directing it to the real Americans; and you're not one of them."


Publius said...

Actually, she was speaking to the camera. She was speaking to HER camera, the one that the Tea Party folks were using. The camera that filmed this was another camera that the MSM had put there. In fact, this whole thing was not originally meant to go out anywhere but on the Tea Party website. But the MSM asked to broadcast it side-by-side with her Tea Party filming, so she said OK. So, any quality problems are the MSMs fault, not Bachmann's.

Publius said...

By the way... here is the REAL feed that Bachmann made. You'll see that in this version (the one SHE made) she is talking right into the camera.

CNN set up a camera angled off the the side and made it a close up of her face. The effect that CNN's video had is that Bachmann did not have any idea how to address a TV camera.

So, the ill effect is CNN's fault, not Bachmann's.

Danielk said...

Jeez, I KNEW she wasn't doing it on purpose. My point is that it makes a handy visiual metaphor.

Publius said...

Yes, I can see the metaphor... if it fit. But since it is built on a misreading of the facts, it doesn't fit.

If it don't fit, you must acquit! (I heard that somewhere, LOL)