Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It Really IS About Light Bulbs

For a while I thought it was symbolic. Michele Bachmann co-authors a bill to protect our right to use incandescent light bulbs. Glenn Beck devotes a segment to deriding CFL bulbs. The right-wing blogosphere gleefully recounts a story about a German merchant who has relabeled incandescent bulbs as "heat balls" so he can sell them in the EU. And so on.

Given the source of all this bellyaching, I assumed what the right was REALLY talking about was Government intrusion into our freedom of choice. The lightbulb was an idea! Not just symbolic of an idea, like a drawing of a lightbulb over some guy's head, though I bet if if you depicted a guy with a CFL over his head the right wing would demonize the cartoonist and publish his home address.

Well I have an idea. Let's test the theory that the right objects to Government limiting the choices of private citizens. How about the right to hire an illegal alien? Okay, right to privacy for American Citizens?

What about a woman's right to get a legal abortion?

Light bulbs. That's it.

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