Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Amazing Colossal Blogger

See that? According to the New York Times, that's the plume of radioactive steam that will be over my head tomorrow just after midnight. After that according to my favorite movies I'll either grow to over 50 feet tall or, if it's a radioactive mist I could shrink to the size of atoms. If I'm not personally affected I could still have to contend with assorted giant insects.

Actually even the Times points out that "Health and nuclear experts emphasize that any plume will be diluted as it travels and, at worst, would have extremely minor health consequences in the United States." Unless they're lying to forstall panic. Which they always do. The thing that worries me is that radiation is linked to cancer, which won't show up for maybe 30 years. On the other hand, in 30 years maybe they'll cure cancer. I hope so because there will be virtually no way to prove that MY cancer is the result of this radiation, therefore I would have to pay for it myself.

Anyway, worrying won't stop the cloud. The usefulness of worrying is that it makes you wonder just how cheap Nuclear power REALLY is.  It doesn't even burn clean, when you consider how long you have to hold on to the waste. If anything, coal is CLEANER than nukes. And it's not that much more plentiful than fossil fuels; so why the headlong drive for more plants? Enough! Put the solar panels back up on the White House willya?

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