Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Speaking of Free Speech

Here are some things that have just been disallowed on the people's property (i.e. the Captiol building)in Wisconsin:

— No signs or public displays, reading of books or newspapers, tobacco products, or food and beverages.

— Cell phones and pagers must be turned off, no photography (video or still) or sound recordings allowed.

— No backpacks or large bags.

— Eating, drinking, smoking, talking, use of mobile phones, laptop computers, video cameras, still cameras, newspapers, bags, briefcases, signs, posters, placards, or hats.

— There will be no leaning over railings or sitting in the aisles.

— Any outbursts, such as clapping, cheering, jeering or stomping.

Security screeners won't allow the following items into the Capitol:

— Animals (except service animals), balloons, coolers, crockpots and other cooking appliances, easels, extension cords, large bags, boxes, or storage containers for food or other items.

— Massage chairs/beds, mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, musical instruments, noisemakers (air horns, buckets, drumsticks, trash can lids, vuvuzelas), portable PA systems, signs or flags on sticks.

— Tables, chairs, furniture, tape (masking, painter's, duct, transparent, etc.)

— Other items that may be considered "inconsistent" with trying to get the building emptied at closing, or whose use could be a threat to public health or safety.
Why? Because Republicans don't want to see another disgraceful scene like this.

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