Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never Give Up Sarah!

Don't worry about the numbers, Mrs. Palin - keep out of the public eye and by primary time they can creep up again!

Still one of the biggest wild cards of the 2012 field, Sarah Palin has offered little in the way of clues about her 2012 presidential ambitions over the past few months. But voters are providing some hints of their own, and the news is not particularly good for the former Alaska governor.

According to fresh numbers from a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, Palin’s favorability rating among members of her own party has fallen to a new low. Not only that, but negative views of Palin are much higher than those of other possible Republican presidential candidates.
These numbers are just like the "data" that say there is global warming or that Americans have a problem with obesity. No such thing! Still, you'll notice that Palins numbers were highest when she first appeared on the scene. It's only once she started expressing her opinions that the majority of Americans turned against her. So keep it on the DL, Sarah. Give up that Fox News money for a while.

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