Friday, June 01, 2012

Conservative Bloggers Found With B Carved in Faces

Take note! You'll never get away with this, Brett Kimberlin!

Frey was awoken shortly after midnight by sheriff deputies after they received a call about a shooting inside his home.
In a purported recording of the 911 call, the caller can be heard saying: “I’d like to report a shooting … I shot her, my wife.” Police ordered him at gunpoint to get outside, then handcuffed him until completing a search and finding his wife and children safe.
Frey said talks with nationwide experts suggested this was a case of SWAT-ing and says he and all other victims have written about activist and convicted felon Brett Kimberlin, who Frey believes is behind the attacks.

Frey knows Kimberlin is behind the attacks because, what? He has no other enemies? Anyway, for now, Kimberlin refuses to admit that he did this horrible thing to Frey or Erik Erikson, whoever he is. Anyway it's an election year and the Democrats always turn violent around those times.

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