Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No, the DEMOCRATS Are Waging War On Cops

Mitt Romney said this late last week: “[Obama] says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers,” said Romney. “Did he not get the message of Wisconsin? The American people did. It’s time for us to cut back on government and help the American people.” He didn't mean to imply that we don't need more firemen, policemen or teachers though. Although everybody knows they are unionized, and therefore union thugs.

But if you're trend-watching, note that it is a Republican who has finally made a move to put these union cop thugs in their place: Mitch Daniels.
Governor Mitch Daniels, a Republican, has authorized changes to a 2006 legislation that legalizes the use of deadly force on a public servant — including an officer of the law — in cases of “unlawful intrusion.” Proponents of both the Second and Fourth Amendments — those that allow for the ownership of firearms and the security against unlawful searches, respectively — are celebrating the update by saying it ensures that residents are protected from authorities that abuse the powers of the badge. 
Although critics have been quick to condemn the law for opening the door for assaults on police officers, supporters say that it is necessary to implement the ideals brought by America’s forefathers. Especially, argue some, since the Indiana Supreme Court almost eliminated the Fourth Amendment entirely last year. During the 2011 case of Barnes v. State of Indiana, the court ruled that a man who assaulted an officer dispatched to his house had broken the law before there was “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.” In turn, the National Rifle Association lobbied for an amendment to the Castle Doctrine to ensure that residents were protected from officers that abuse the law to grant themselves entry into private space.
Thank God we're safe now, and a guy cooking meth in his place can shoot first and ask questions later! Finally, cops will take the trouble to hamstring themselves with warrants before they make a move! Just like Republicans have always wanted.

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