Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Conventional Wis -- Aw, To Hell With It

Well, you're probably very frustrated with me by now - I have been laying off politics AND everything else since the conventions started. It's partially because I'm not watching the conventions. They're infomercials. Everything I don't like about 30-second campaign ads is what the conventions are made of. They contain neither substance nor honesty. And they go on forever. At best they're a showcase for the next round of candidates in 2016 but dear God, why would I want to see more candidates after this year?

So rather than watch the conventions I'm taking them in through twitter mockery. It's simply more efficient. I used to get my movies this way, from reading Mad magazine parodies.

The other reason that I'm backing off politics so much is it's fruitless to try to change your mind. You, the reader. You've made up your mind and you won't be swayed. Even if I tell you that the idea you hate used to be your own idea; even if I point to the graphs you published that contradict what you're saying. So why bother? Wouldn't we all be happier if I we believed what we believe and never mention it to each other? Sure we would. And sooner or later this is how the nation will trend.  We'll go back to never discussing religion or politics, because we need to get along with each other.

So, I spent the weekend in San Jose! Went to the Computer History Museum (right across the street from Google HQ and just 15 minutes from the hotel) and watched my girlfriend compete in West Coast Swing dancing. Also visited my mom, recuperating from a pacemaker operation. How about you? Do anything fun for Labor Day?

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