Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The GOP HATES Free Speech!

The Virginia Republican party is violating the Right of Free Speech and CENSORING the Republicans of Mecklenberg County.

RICHMOND — Virginia Republican Party officials on Tuesday ordered their Mecklenburg County affiliate to remove photos portraying President Obama as a witch doctor, a caveman and a thug from its Facebook page.

The altered photos have been on the Mecklenburg County Republican Committee’s page for months but drew attention outside the rural southwestern enclave after a luncheon event this week with Republican Senate candidate George Allen.

“These kinds of images have no place in political discourse — period,” said Pat Mullins, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. “They are offensive, tasteless and should never have been posted anywhere, let alone a local unit’s Facebook page. The Republican Party of Virginia condemns this sort of imagery in the strongest possible terms. I am in the process of contacting our Mecklenburg County unit to inform them that this is unacceptable behavior from any local unit associated with our party.”
Why? Why do they call things like the pictures below unacceptable? BECAUSE THEY HATE FREEDOM.

To make matters worse, it's just the common people who are posting these pictures to Facebook, not the Mecklenburg County Party. THE VIRGINIA REPUBLICANS are trying to supress the American People! Maybe they're Muslims! I'm not saying they are, I'm not saying they aren't. I'm just saying.

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