Thursday, September 06, 2012

M*** R*****

I think I'm getting it now - the GOP position since 2008 is this. Don't vote for the guy you like, vote for the guy that I despise slightly less than the other guy, who is the guy you like. If you vote for anyone but the guy I really, really despise, (but not as much as the other guy) then you're on the side of the terrorists. I strongly stand behind this guy whom I bitterly disagree with.

In a less weird political climate, they would shrug if you don't vote for a guy they hate, but now they hate you for not hating their hated politician less.

Just kidding! Here's Reince Preibus strongly recommending his nominee for President!

Unlike Dems, the GOP is proud of our VP nominee. @PaulRyanVP gave an amazing speech and in prime time !
9/6/12 10:19 AM

Democrats would never allow speeches in prime time!

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