Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Ah Wish Ah Cu'd Quit Yew"

The duck in the previous post and I feel the same way: I'm gonna miss these guys. Pro tip, start reading around comment 9 and remember that I'm "DaFonz" a nickname given to me by WAMK, because my twitter avatar is a thumbs up. As you can see, the exchange goes from mildly sarcastic to awfully ugly. Since I lack perspective, I invite you guys to advise me to whether I gave as good as I got.

I'm kind of at a loose end now because, where am I going to go for my shrill, ill-sourced arguments? I refuse to get married again just for THAT.  Still, when one door closes another one opens - maybe this is my chance to move on to the big leagues, and troll Glenn Beck for a while.

While I'm at it, I miss Warner Todd Huston as well. But these guys and I have breaking points: mine is childish insults, and theirs is people who question their beliefs. I shrug, I move on. I wish I could say I gave up Where Are My Keys completely, but if history is any indication I'll be back because we all was made for each other.

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