Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Whoever Kills Someone First, Loses

Coming to Washington this July 4th: Buncha guys showing off their guns! They're here, they're armed, get used to it!

Loaded weapons being transported across state lines into the city by unlicensed out-of-state residents would likely be treated as a highly provocative and illegal act by police.
"If they do, then we'll either peacefully submit to arrest in order to make a court case out of it or we'll turn back," said Adam Kokesh, a libertarian activist and former candidate for Congress in New Mexico, in an interview with BuzzFeed on Monday. "We're not going to resist government by force in any way."
"It's all going to be very well choreographed," Kokesh said.
If the court case goes through, it's likely that prosecution will bring up Kokesh's radio show when he mused about the pros and cons of assassinating Mitt Romney last year. (Remember, that kind of talk doesn't help, as I've learned) It's against the law to carry weapons on the streets of DC, so if there are no arrests, it will be  because you can't arrest 'em all. 

It's hard not to be fascinated by the following:
Though Kokesh feels "that I'm going to be a lot safer at this event than I would be on the streets of Chicago," he can't fully guarantee that no one in the group will do anything dangerous.
"No, but that's never true, and that's one of the realities in our daily lives," he said. "We largely do trust the people around us to not kill us. Human life is really fragile."
The march's Facebook page promises "coordination with D.C. law enforcement prior to the event," and invites "law enforcement officers to stand with us armed however they feel is appropriate."
If you trust the people around you to not kill you, you don't need a gun. I've managed for years without one, and so far, ain't no one killed me. Also I would hope that the police would not stand with the protesters, because it's their job not to.

I'm comforted by the date of the event, because it guarantees that no rich target politicians will be in town. Good luck to everybody, I guess. Can't quite figure out the message of this gesture, but here's hoping it's made without any bloodshed.

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