Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Great Moments In Outrage, Edition Zero-Two

John Nolte (the Nolte NOT famous for gruffness and drinking) of Breitbart is outraged! OUTRAGED!
Twitchy reports that on Tuesday night, the left launched a Twitter game with the hashtag #SarahPalinFilms. Via a verified account, this was Netflix's voluntary contribution: 
#SarahPalinFilms "Iron Sky"…— Netflix US (@netflix) May 1, 2013 
One review of "Iron Sky" describes the film this way: 
The film tries to make the connection between the Nazis and the current state of American politics via a US President character that embodies the Sarah Palin brand of politics, but it’s done in bad taste and this is where the satire fails. 
To say this was a public relations error by Netflix is an understatement. The Internet will not only ensure that Netflix's shockingly tone-deaf tweet spreads like wildfire, but this is the kind of divisive behavior that can blemish a company forever. 
Had Netflix contributed to an #ObamaFilm hashtag game with the exact same title… Well, we all know Netflix would never do that. The mainstream media would pummel them into dust.
 Johnny (can I call you Johnny? No? Okay.) let me ask you a couple of things.

Where did that "one review" come from?

Why would Netflix use #obamafilm as a hashtag for Iron Sky, where the president is depicted as a bespectacled conservative woman?

Why does calling a movie #SarahPalinFilms where a Sarah Palin character is in the film such an offensive thing?

What the hell possessed Michelle Malkin to name her website "Twitchy?" It's off the subject but I figured you guys talk once in a while.

Quick Update: I noticed that the film is also streaming on Xbox AND iTunes, which means if you're furious enough to cancel your Netflix subscription, you better also switch over to Linux.

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