Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Inconvenient Theory

I was driving home today, thing to think of some way to explain to my conservative friends how global warming could result in the next ice age, and I had an epiphany. Not about global warming per se, that's for scientists. REAL scientists, not the guys who work for Exxon. no my theory will explain why Exxon hires those scientists.

Like me, you've assumed that the big energy companies are fighting the global warming concept because they want to protect their investment. You are thinking, "on some level they know it's happening but they want to pump the oil for a few more years while they still can, and hope the serious damage will wait until after they're dead."

My theory is this - whether it's uncomfortably hot or uncomfortably cold, PEOPLE WILL SPEND MORE ON ENERGY. Especially cold. An ice age would have the added advantage for usually clouded skies - no pesky solar energy to cut into profits! Nobody lives off the grid!

Remember they're not protecting their profits at all... they're pushing to expand the market.

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