Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More On BYOR

Skot (BTW enough with the Anonymous! Just register for god's sake!) commented on yesterday's Karaoke bar piece. Interesting. Three things occur to me.

  1. Oh great, I'm back to where I was in the 90's -- writing a blog that reveals too much about me! Actually the problem then was I was revealing too much about everybody else, and I paid dearly for it. Truth is, I'm not really terrific at self-expression and blogging may be the only vehicle anyone will ever have to know what I really think - "anyone" includes me.
  2. The post would make a great prequel to EYES WIDE SHUT, n'est pas? That too was about the fear of things happening. It's a movie about sex, only no one actually HAS ANY. I think even the background people at the party were only dancing. I wonder if we can bring Spielberg in on this one too?
  3. Fear is indeed the mind-killer.

I should probably be embarrassed by the mere fact that I'm a Karaoke geek (take mime lessons while you're at it, dude!) but to make it worse I pride myself on my wide internal catalog of songs, and yet I know almost nothing past 1993. To me, Radiohead is still cutting-edge. EARLY Radiohead. Fortunately most of the crowd at Paoli's at least LOOKS older than me. Oh hell, they are.

One other thing - I scoured my archives and the post about the TV journalist full o'booze is probably gone forever, because it predates my LiveJournal effort by a couple months. I'll try to remember the best details and post it again, because as I grow old it will be one of my most treasured and reliable anecdotes.

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