Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's A Control Issue

It has been bothering me for a while, now, this insistence that Global Warming doesn't exist. Or it does exist, but it's not man-made. Or it is man-made, but the Earth will take care of it. I can see talking point memos decrying Joe Wilson or Al Franken, but a weather phenomenon? And they call us moonbats.

Cherchez l'argent, as the French would say if they were less hormonal. Follow the money. Admitting man's role in the climate damage would mean more regulation of industry. That would cause additional expense and lower profits. Conservatives hate Liberals for various reasons, but the big traditional one is our headlong dash to meddle around in private businesses.

And it's true, we never saw a corporation we wouldn't tax, a profit margin that we thought was too high, an employee who didn't deserve better treatment at the hands of his callous corporate bosses. And because of this, the second the democrats get in charge we raise the minimum wage, require OSHA paperwork, and in general we make it more difficult to run a business.

Conservatives hate regulation. They want businesses to be free.

What conservatives want to regulate, though, is PEOPLE. From fighting to repeal the popular Roe Vs. Wade decision, to making it harder for individuals to declare bankruptcy, to the DMCA which allows content providers to limit how you enjoy your entertainment products, the conservative regulatory agenda has a picture of you in the upper right-hand corner. A picture taken with a hidden camera on a street corner.

These are the people who are fighting for the right to tap your phone without asking, then imprison you without saying why! These are the people who are trying to REGULATE THE INTERNET! Maybe I should reverse those two sentences. Hmmm.

Anyway, so it's a choice between the party that wants to regulate corporations, (which is meddlesome and unfair), and the party that wants to regulate human behavior, (which is creepy and dangerous). Sorry, but I'm siding against corporations on this one. They can take the hit better.

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