Tuesday, February 27, 2007


No word from the non-partisan institute yet, and I'll be fair and admit that they surely have bigger fish to fry than me.

This Gore energy usage story has me riled up for reasons that I can't quite explain. I mean, I'm really hopping mad over it. So mad, in fact, that's I'm going to quote myself. From WHERE ARE MY KEYS, specifically.

I gotta tell you I'm getting pretty damn tired of the right's automatically demonizing individuals who disagree with them. I don't LIKE being told that because I voted for Democrats I am siding with the terrorists. It BOTHERS me to see Valerie Plame's career destroyed (plus a lot of good intel gathering apparatus) because Joe Wilson publically disagreed with the President. It ENRAGES me to see veteran after veteran dragged through the mud by people whose rich daddies kept them out of harm's way. And I'm furious to see Al Gore smeared over a non-existant issue because he agrees with almost all the scientists instead of the ones who work for Bush's oil companies.

And I think you guys, who are convinced that Fox News is fair and balanced but the New York Times is a far-left propaganda organ, have lost your collective grip on reality.

As individuals you're okay by me, but you are aligned with the most rattlesnake-mean political organization in this country's history.
They'll probably stop talking to me now. Maybe it's just as well... I'm giving myself agita reading this nonsense.

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Skot said...

Agita, huh? Madon'.

I saw Jon Stewart go after the same "report" you did last night. This whole "Al Gore is a hypocrite" angle is so paper-thin and risible (Bulletin: Rich guys use a lot of power!) the Fox News types should never have pursued it 'cause doing so makes them look stupid. Stupider, I mean. Low-hanging fruit is often rotten.

I mean, consider the source. Allow me a bit of anti-southern bigotry when I point out the Tennessee Center for Policy Research is about as reputable as it sounds. They should have stuck to thier original mission: To get the revenue men off'n the backs of our good ol' boys who make the finest 'shine in these here parts.