Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Me I'll Never Know

Is Googling oneself a form of onanism? For that matter, what about Googling "onanism"? The guy there to the right, that's me - the me who works at a law office in Wisconsin. Where else am I?

Keepin It Real - hat tip to Skot; this is the misshapen sister blog of a very young girl who hopes one day to marry Justin Timberlake. She stopped writing in 2004 and its possible that she's found out since then.

Daniel Krause - Me, but the me who is a drummer for Paul Revere and the Raiders. I bet he's learned to love county fair food!

Daniel Krause - Me again - now I am a sculptor specializing in iron plate metal and Chinese Buddhist figures.

Dark Meats - a band which I cannot quite bring myself to listen to.

Peter Krause - why NOT me?

Krause Publications - Specializing in geeky little magazines for geeky little collectors. Collect them all!

Keeping it Real! - Finally, "a groundbreaking faith-based sexuality education program." If they're expecting teens to avoid sex on the strength of rhetoric alone, I guess it would HAVE to be faith based, wouldn't it?

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