Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Attention Children - The Speech Your Parents Don't Want You To Read

Actually, I can shorten the title to Your Parents Don't Want You To Read!

But here's the speech.

Since actions speak louder than words, here's what you can learn from your parents - fear ideas. Fear education. Fear black men. Actually, I can shorten that to fear.


Publius said...

I love it when you lefty's get all self-righteous. But, shall we just go back a few months and remember how you treated Bush? Why, it was Bushhitler this, and smirking chimp that. It was criminal this and impeach and jail him that. It was all about making films about his assassination. But I wonder. Would you have been so self righteous if Bush had wanted to send an indoctrination speech to EVERY school kid in the country? Would "fear" have been off your play list?


But, I have to say you ARE right. I don't want ANY mind full of mush in grade school forced to listen to a president of the USA and told they must help him pass his communist agenda.

I find it distasteful when Chavez does it, when the USSR did it and when Castro does it. It is just as distasteful when CommieObamie does it.

Then again, there is no reason to expect you find communism in any way distasteful, certainly. So ya got that goin' for ya, which is nice.

Danielk said...

I dunno, there wasn't this much uproar when Reagan did the same thing in '87. So arguably, you are saying that it's bad when anyone reacts this way but you're proud because your people are doing it even worse. Why do we want you guys running the country again, again?

Publius said...

Actually, there was even MORE ruckus when GHWBush did the same thing. In fact, Democrats tried to launch a full "investigation" of the evil, evil Bush talk to the kiddies.


Danielk said...

But there wasn't a movement to keep kids out of school for the day.

Publius said...

Amusing to me that you find any real difference between then and now.

Danielk said...

So what conclusion do you reach? Is this kind of reaction meritless?

Publius said...

Nope. It had merit for Bush and it has even more merit today. No president should be addressing kids in all school at once. This one was far more egregious than Bush, but I don;t want any president using school kids as political props.

Danielk said...

So wait... are you suggesting that children should be shielded from the President of the United States? I mean, assuming the message is non-partisan, what's the downside? After all, Bush was everybody's president. Reagan too.

My thinking is that kids get exposed to political news, so they can learn to get cynical at as early an age as possible.