Friday, September 04, 2009

Money In The Mouth Area

Problems, solutions: I know a lot of conservatives find it frustrating to argue with me, and I'm realizing now that a lot of the time, this is based on my not even knowing the facts. That is to say, I don't take for granted things like Obama is a socialist, Obama wasn't born in the United States (or even born), Iraq had WMDs and Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11 attacks.

Most conservatives take this stuff for granted, and I don't because I don't watch Fox News. I can't. I'm a single guy and I'm too cheap to pay for cable. Now as a liberal I could appeal to government to pay for my cable, but instead I'm asking you, the reader, to step up to the plate - pay for 6 months of cable for me and I promise to watch at least an hour of Fox News every day. It's only about 50 bucks a month, and since I blog you could consider it an investment for the good of society. It's just like the way you guys always buy meals for random poor people instead of voting to fund homeless shelters.

So, who's in? Email me so I can tell you where to send the checks.


Publius said...

LOL, it's obvious you aren't familiar with the "facts." You use the birther argument as something conservatives "believe" because they see it on "Fox." Yet, Fox has avoided the birther issue for the most part. Only a very few hosts have even mentioned it. So, if you think birtherism is what conservatives believe and they only believe what they are told over and over again on Fox, how is it that they "believe" birtherism when Fox doesn't play that tune? You have a giant hole in your argument, there.

You should also know that only a small part of the folks on the right have any interest in the birther issue. And those guys are most often the ones that supported Ron Paul... and THOSE were the ones that rarely voted anyway because they feel the whole world is agin' 'em. In other words, they are fringies outside the system that have no ability to affect the political process. And they can safely be ignored.

You know, it's like your animal rights wackos, or your enviro-twits, the kind that are so radical that even your most socialist Democrat is not good enough for them... so they protest and drop out.

Danielk said...

So I'm mistaken about Fox - ante up!

Danielk said...

By the way, here's someone on the right who is interested in the birther issue: Rep. Jean Schmidt!

Skot C. said...

I'm not giving you any money for cable, especially if you are just going to watch FNC.

"I'm, like writing this article about crack abuse, but I, like, need to buy some crack, so I can, like know what it's like..."

BTW: Comcast just expanded the HDTV bandwidth in our area, so the number of HD channels available tripled. MSNBC, CNN and FNC can now be seen in glorious 1080i. And let me tell you: regardless of political stripe, everyone needs to wear more makeup.