Thursday, September 10, 2009

Great Scott, Mickey!

Forget about Obama's speech. Didn't see it. Instead, check this out!

NASA scientists have created an anti-gravity field that works at room temperature, which is a big Where's My Back to the Future Skateboard breakthrough. The only problem is that it only works on mice.

Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, have created a superconducting magnet that generates enough energy to lift small animals off the floor. The magnet pushes the water inside the animals up, making them fly. The amazing fact is that it works at room temperature—not the ultra-cooled down environments typical of these magnets—and it's large enough to make rodents to levitate.
The problem with the mice is that they panic, so they have to be sedated to remain calm enough to stay aloft. So if we have a big enough magnet and a mellow enough person, say Matthew McConaughey, human levitation is achievable.

Speaking of levitation, "According to CNN the percentage of American supporting reform proposals went from 53% before the speech to 67% after the speech. In addition, 56% of viewers had a "very positive" reaction to the speech." It's true the results are skewed because there were many more Democrats than Republicans questioned, but let's assume that the Republicans all hated it before and still hated it. Eric Cantor spent the whole time sending emails on his Blackberry; the only Republican who was listening was Rep Joe Wilson. Speech wasn't for these guys, who believe that Obama can't even prove that he was born. Speech was for the people who are going to vote on the bill.

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Skot C. said...

Hypermagnetic levitation? I wouldn't want to ride on one of those goddamned things.

First of all, blood is mostly water. This magnet is so powerful it pushes up your H2O. Sounds like a lot of unexpected bloodflow changes. It's going to be uncomfortable at the very least.

And say goodbye to your porcelain-bonded metal crowns, amalgam fillings and any body jewelry you may have.