Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kenneth Gladney Abandoned By Republicans

Attention African Americans - remember when one of your own was savagely beaten by union members at a town hall meeting a couple of months ago? He's been disappeared!

Curiously, however, there is no record of charges being filed against Gladney’s alleged attackers. And Gladney’s Website is down, with this message replacing the content.

Unfortunately, this site is no longer available due to nonpayment on the part of Kenneth’s attorney, David Brown. The site will resume normal operation once payment is received.
He was just asking for a little donation money to pay for his medical bills, and some backup so he could safely file charges against his attackers - and you Republicans walk away? FROM A MAN IN A WHEELCHAIR? He's probably surrounded by AFL-CIO members holding pipes RIGHT NOW! I bet y'all took his pain medication too, and gave it to Delay so he could make it through the Dancing gig. Callous bastards.


Publius said...

I like this post. It reminds me that liberals think getting beat up by union thugs isn't as bad a conservatives not giving you money.

mantis said...

Too bad Kenneth "Fainting Goat" Gladney wasn't beat up by anyone, eh Publius? Oh right, you're a conservative. Reality is irrelevant.

Publius said...

Having trouble follow the conversation moantis? I neither agreed nor disagreed with this claim that Gladney got beaten up. The POINT of my reply had nothing to do with Mr. Gladney in particular. It was a comment on certain lefties who are more upset over Republicans not giving money than in people getting beaten up.

I can understand why you are confused, though, moantis. People like you have been so ill served by our failing schools that their logic centers don't get much exercise.

Now go on back to watching American Idol. It's more your speed.

Danielk said...

I recall there was quite a bit of outrage at the time... do you believe now that Gladney wasn't beat up? It's an important point.