Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Go Sarah Go!

HANNITY: If it’s a strong conservative that gets the Republican nomination and then a tea party member runs as a third party candidate, do you have any worry about that?

PALIN: I do have a little bit of worry about that but at the same time that can be part of a healthy process, though. A third party candidate can really shore-up a Republican candidate in terms of that Republican candidate having to be very strong and sharp and debate aggressively, regarding the positions that they have taken.

A third party candidate, I think, Sean, can actually help in this process. And if nothing else a third party candidate is going to help keep the Republican Party being held accountable, too."
I'd like to see tea-party candidates spring up everywhere... not just in 2012 for president, but this November! Strike while the iron is hot! Let's throw socialist baby-killers like Eric Cantor out of office!

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