Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Left Is Just As Violent as the Right!

Look, here it is... footage of the entire left throwin' bricks and shootin' at Karl Rove, then calling him "honkey".

And it sure didn't help that Obama went on TV right afterwards to say that it was Rove's fault for riling them up. These Code Pink people are dangerous! They're hyperviolent, and their rallys are swarmed by the millions! The left is TOTALLY WORSE THAN THE RIGHT!


Publius said...

WTO riots. THAT is your left-wing. Got any rightie riots in yer back pocket? Then there was the left-wing Obama wacko that attacked an elderly McCain supporter in New York...


Got any evidence that anyone on the right did this during the campaign?

Danielk said...

Got any evidence that an Obama supporter assaulted a McCain volunteer?