Sunday, March 21, 2010

Uh Oh.

Looks like health care reform passed.

Look, I was talking this thing up because I blindly support everything Obama does, but I never dreamed it would actually make it! Now OMFG are we screwed! For one thing, as of tomorrow there are no more private doctors! I can't pick my physician any more! And all the insurance companies will go out of business! You know what that means - no car insurance, no homeowners insurance.

What's more, Obama is going to decide that my mom is too expensive to take care of, so she's dead by 2011. I like my mom! What's more, since I'm middle class, I won't have access to any health care. So I'm dead too. As a matter of fact, we can expect the lifespan of the average American to drop down to age 40, just like it is in Europe.

And of course, since health care is going to be free for all the poor people and illegal immigrants,  (it says so right in the bill!) we'll have a flood of Mexicans coming over the border to have their abortions paid for.

Maybe it's better that I'll be dead, because America is, as of tomorrow, a socialist state run by a ruthless dictator whose name is Pelosi.

Man, I just hope I'm right. Otherwise I'm going to look pretty stupid when election time comes around. Not that we're going to have elections any more. It says so right in the bill!

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