Thursday, March 25, 2010

There IS NO RIVER In Egypt!

Sure, it's easy to point fingers at Republicans, but whom would you expect to be more angry, the stated "enemy" of the Democrat Party, or the very people from within the Party itself? 
I've also seen this talking point in comments by by good friend Publius (the commenter who hasn't joked about hiring someone to beat me) about the wave of threats and vandalism and violence in the wake of the HCR bill. And as near as I can tell, the point summarizes as follows.

We are furious, FURIOUS about the passage of the bill! But we're not angry about it.

What the hell kind of terrorism is this?! It's like Osama Bin Laden shrugging comically and saying, "hey, don't look at me!" All right, then, as you wish. Nobody is really all that worked up about health care reform. Nothing to see here. Let's stop talking about it and move on.


Publius said...

Oh, I see. You know, your logic is sorely lacking here, sir. Are you suggesting we CAN'T be serious that we are against CommieObamaie without torching a few Democrat's offices? So, you WANT some violence so we can "prove" to you we are serious?

I see.

So, then maybe all those feminists aren't serious? After all, they've been claiming to be furious for decades yet I don't recall any real violence from them. So, I guess they weren't REALLY serious that they were furious. Thank God we can now just ignore feminism. At last. I mean, they aren't even serious!

And I am glad you are telling us all the Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn't serious. In fact he was so un-serious about racism that he demanded that his followers be non-violent.

I guess the civil rights movement wasn't really serious.

So, what Republican office have you torched, then? If you haven't committed any violence are you REALLY serious with your blog and your outrageously outraged comments on politics?

Are you serious? Really? Without showing us your police record, I'd say you aren't if we can use your criteria in this post as our guide.

Danielk said...

No, I'm not saying you're not angry. But obviously there is nothing that unusual about the anger. I mean you're grumbling about the bill, but America isn't as worked up enough about this as Glen Beck would like us to believe. It's just another bill.

I mean look, most people consider the sixties to be soe kind of watershed. There was violence and threats and assassinations. THOSE people were worked up. This is just business as usual, obviously.