Friday, August 27, 2010

Don't Make Something Out of This

Even I think that this exchange, between Sharron Angle and a talk show host, does NOT indicate a belief that there are Muslim terrorists in Congress.

MANDERS: You know I talk often about this oath that they give and it is to defend the Constitution and all that. But one of the things that is very important to me in this oath that they give is that they will defend against foreign and domestic enemies.

ANGLE: Yes. Yes.

MANDERS: We have domestic enemies. We have home-born homegrown enemies in our system. And I for one think we have some of those enemies in the walls of the Senate and the Congress.

ANGLE: Yes. I think you're right, Bill.
Wonkette is making that claim today. Of course they're snark merchants, much in the same way that Angle is.  Difference is, maniacs with rifles don't take Wonkette seriously. Still, I want to be on record as saying that she clearly wasn't suggesting that if she is elected, she'll take those people out with sniper fire. It's just rhetoric.

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